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Legal graduate


Inés Millet is graduated in Law and Economics by UPF. Nowadays she is studying a master’s degree in Legal Practice while doing an extracurricular internship.

Inés has shown a remarkable interest in the areas of law related to technology and intellectual property during her degree studies. In that way, other than some subjects about these topics, she made her end-of-degree project about the protection of the creations resulting from Artificial Intelligence (AI) by IP law.

“The speed with which technology is progressing has made possible the creation of works by autonomous systems of AI, without human intervention. However, this type of works is not covered by the current legislation when it comes to IP Spanish law (even though the intent of some legal systems with the regulation of works made for hire), because the concept of “author” requires a natural person. In that sense, the regulation must be adjusted in order to keep up and protect this type of works or evaluate the creation of a new right designed for the AI systems’ works.”

If you are interested in her project, please contact her at ines.millet@croma.legal.


Articles by Inés Millet.

Protección por el Derecho de la Propiedad Intelectual de las creaciones resultantes de IA

Derechos Intelectuales, December 2021

El impacto de la Inteligencia Artificial (en adelante, IA) es inmenso, aunque haya una gran incertidumbre en el tratamiento que debe hacerse, nos hallamos solo ante el inicio de su desarrollo. La regulación sobre las obras artísticas y literarias creadas por máquinas…